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Course:Concepts of Programming Languages

Quarter:Winter 16/17
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Location: Distance Learning
James Riely PhD

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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

2.   weakness, this isn't his own material, so stumbling through some things. I think if he had time to design this class from scratch it would be an excellent course
3.   Knowledgeable and keeps the class interesting.
4.   Strength: deep knowledge of material, nice class structure and presentation. Tools used in the class were up-to-date.
7.   Good background in CS.
8.   Strengths: Clear, coherent, enthusiasticWeaknesses: N/A
9.   Professor Riely knows his stuff and can present it in an clear and accessible manner.
10.   Upbeat lectures

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

3.   Too low level programming for most of what I do but the higher order stuff is useful.
4.   Learning new language Scala and compare it with more common like Java, C.
5.   Learning more about programming languages at a conceptual level
7.   The worksheets
8.   Being aware of the perks and benefits that some programming languages have over others.
9.   Exposure to a the nuances of a variety of programming languages.
10.   Nice to get out of the "language box". Enjoyed learning about lambdas more in depth.

What do you suggest to improve this course?

1.   Use more real world examples on why you would choose one language over another.
2.   the test, though multiple choice isnt a good measure of knowledge. I wish there was a final project option or a different format of test
3.   NA
5.   Get rid of the worksheet quiz system. It seems rather silly and if u forgot to complete a yes in the quiz then boom! -1%
6.   Exam structure tests student's ability not to make silly mistakes in reading code, rather than the conceptual issues addressed in the class.
7.   The way the homework points are set up is horrible. It is unfair to give 0 points on assignments. Its 0 or none for some reason even if you put hours worth of effort in completing the assignments. There should be points on effort and completion as well as other aspects.
8.   Not to use another instructor's lecture materials. I understand that this could have been situational. The instructor explained that he's using another instructor's materials, and there were have been some ambiguities throughout course instruction because of this.
9.   Nothing. It is well structured and one of the most organized courses I have taken at DePaul.

Comment on the grading procedures and exams

1.   Exams don't show true knowledge by being all multiple choice.
2.   exam graded fairly, but the content seems to come out of left-field compared to the class
3.   NA
4.   Was fair and in time
5.   Get rid of weekly worksheet quizzes
7.   The homework percentage should be lower because of the way it is graded. It shouldnt be 25% of your grade if it is graded so harshly.
8.   Fast and fair.
9.   Fair and on time.

Other comments?

2.   the class covers a lot of material, and i don't think we get enough understanding of each concept before moving on.
3.   NA
6.   Dr. Riely is a terrific professor and the reason I decided to take this class when I did. However, I wish he had not simply stuck to another professor's materials.In particular, the exam structure does not seem conducive to testing the understanding of the material. Textbooks were nearly unreadable. Homeworks and exercises were fine, but could have been harder and had the students address the concepts a little more readily. Quizzes were fine.
9.   Professor Riely is one of the best professors in the CDM.