James Riely

Associate Professor Voice:   312-362-5251
School of Computing Facsimile:   312-362-6116
DePaul University Office:   Room 846, CTI (CS&T)
243 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604

Papers (dblp) (scholar.google) (microsoft.academic) (citeseer) (web.of.science) (acmguide) (odysci) (NSF Grants)
CSC300/CSC402: Data Structures I
CSC301/CSC403: Data Structures II

Visualization Software for Data Structures
CSC360: User Interface Architecture and Development
CSC373: Computer Systems I
CSC444: Automata Theory and Formal Languages
CSC447: Concepts of Programming Languages
CSC535: Semantics of Programming Languages
SE450: Object-Oriented Software Development
SE547: Foundations of Computer Security

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