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Course:Data Structures in Java II

Quarter:Winter 14/15
Time: TuTh 15:10 - 16:40
Location: Loop Campus
James Riely PhD

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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

2.   Funny, Intelligent lectures, and very helpful answering 1 on 1 questions.
3.   N/A
4.   Very knowledgeable of the subject, explained material in a way that is easy to understand, and made the class interesting and engaging.
6.   Sometimes if a student doesn't understand something you may appear to be intimidating. Once you understand where the student is though, the help received is usually exactly what is needed to understand the material
7.   He has a deep understanding of data structures, and a broad understanding of computer science in general. He's very passionate about his work.
9.   Professor Riely is very engaging and makes the content interesting.
10.   strengths: knowledge of the material, knowledge of the industry, good at communicating inside and outside of class. No weaknesses I can think of.
11.   Prof Riely is always engaging and enthusiastic. He is an excellent educator and is deeply involved in the material he teaches. I can't say he has any obvious weakness... maybe his eyesight?

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

1.   The instructors availability
2.   I mean learning the algorithms and getting to know java better are both pretty important.
3.   N/A
4.   Getting to know Java better, learning how to implement data structures in Java, and learning about the core concepts of data structures in order to implement them in other languages as well.
6.   What are aspects
7.   His lectures are just packed with quality information. I can learn so much from his lectures. The online discussion group is also very helpful.
8.   Everything
9.   Learning more coding tricks and snippets of information about what type of coding is useful in real world jobs.
10.   trying out different abstract data structures and learning how they are applicable in the 'real world'.
11.   The homework was challenging but helped me gain a deeper understanding of the material. I liked that it connected meaningfully to the topics at hand.

What do you suggest to improve this course?

1.   Give a little time to teach Java
2.   Perhaps more in class questions, (something like a room on socrative?), maybe an online doc with generalized code that's important to know all in one place (traversing a graph, put method, etc).
3.   N/A
6.   More of those animated videos for sorting. Those were the bomb.
7.   Nothing, it is perfect.
8.   Possibly having supplamentary assignment documents explaining what the homework is
9.   I would love to have answers for the hw provided before the final as a means of study guide.
10.   one or two more lab sessions to get added practice with some of the more difficult data structures.
11.   Have another course after it that is also taught by Riely. Make him teach everything! On a more serious note, maybe another book that is less theory and more practical (as a supplement).

Comment on the grading procedures and exams

1.   Good enough
2.   midterm was pretty tight time wise (a lot of content to cover) but that's probably just me waffling over a few problems. Grading was fine.
3.   N/A
4.   They were fair and timely.
5.   Extremely Fair.
6.   I thought it was very fair.
7.   Seems fine.
9.   The grading was very fair and impartial. The exams are exactly what he said they were going to be.
10.   Grading for homework is really nice because it is based on correctness (auto-grader works well as far as I know). Exams seemed fair, they covered the material and asked relevant questions.
11.   Fair. Either you get it or you don't. He is usually open for negotiation if you can prove your solution works.

Other comments?

1.   Wish the hw assignments were a little easier or required less then every waking moment of my week to finish that's all
2.   JRiely is my waifu
3.   N/A
5.   Material was presented in an excellent way. Although a tough course, I feel like it was presented in the best way possible with lots of Professor and tutor aid to help students along.
6.   Doge
7.   James Riely is the man. HE IS A GENIUS! Every CS major should have a course (or more) with Riely.
9.   Nope! I enjoy your style of teaching. Its difficult to make a coding class interesting and it definitely was!
10.   That's about it.
11.   The picture associated with the course on this evaluation is not up to date. I thought I was evaluating someone else.