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Course:Data Structures in Java II

Quarter:Winter 13/14
Time: TuTh 13:30 - 15:00
Location: Loop Campus
James Riely PhD

Associate Professor
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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

1.   No comment
2.   This is one of the better courses at DePaul. I have no major qualms about the course and feel like the actually content of the course (Sorting algorithms and algorithms in general) was this course's strongest aspectThe weakest where this course was, was the teacher at times.This class was supposed to be headed by another teacher but we got someone else. He came into the class expecting everyone to be at a certain level and was uncompromising about adjusting those expectations. (Even when it was clear from the grades there was a significant portion of the class that was just not getting it.) Although to be fair, he did ask us what he should do about that and we said to just "Let them sink." (But keep in mind this group of students who were in class actually had him last quarter while a significant portion that wasn't in class didn't have him.)
3.   Obviously smart. Really rude to students. Distinctly unhelpful with questions, or struggling students. Poor organization and teaching pace. Gave a midterm that everyone in the class struggled with and then appeared mystified as to why no one was doing well. Assigned a very very difficult assignment for the first (second?) assignment that he had to extend multiple times and again acted mystified that no one in the class was succeeding. On one occasion (at least), he didn't answer reasonably timed questions on the Piazza board until after was due.
4.   Professor Riely knows a lot about programming and is very good at explaining how to code things in a way that makes it easy to understand.
5.   Strengths - approachable, very knowledgeable on the subjectWeakness - some ambiguous/vague instructions/explanations of homework/quizzes
6.   the major weakness is not explaining the homework before he assigns it. He puts restrictions what functions we can use on homework. we should be able to use whatever functions we want because the book explains it by using them.
7.   Very threatening in a way. Made an announcement somewhere along the lines that if you don't understand just get out my class and drop. This class is not for you. Made me feel like I can not approach him to ask questions. Despite having the discussion board.
8.   Funny, but his understanding of the material is better than ours and he assumes we understand it as well.
9.   Riely is an amazing instructor who supports the students outside the class greatly.

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

1.   No comment
2.   The content of the course
3.   The material was important.
4.   Learning the data structures and getting practice with how to code methods.
5.   Learning how to deal with data
6.   Nothing, he is the worst teacher i have ever had.
7.   N/A
8.   Understanding BSTs, etc.
9.   Learning data structures will surely help in the future.

What do you suggest to improve this course?

1.   No comment
2.   Not too much actually, just make sure that the teacher understands the position students are in and adjust your expectations accordingly.
3.   I really think that a little thought put into what homework is given when would make a world of difference.
4.   Nothing
5.   Have smaller homework assignments due in at most a week instead of larger homework assignments due in at least a week. I feel like I'd be more focused on the course work if there were fresh new homework assignments sooner instead of lingering on larger assignments.
6.   Actually explain the homework requirements before assigning it. let people use the function that the book uses. write code in class ON THE COMPUTER MORE not on the board.
7.   n/a
8.   More focus on code rather than how structures work.
9.   n/a

Comment on the grading procedures and exams

1.   No comment
2.   They were fair.
3.   Not reasonable, in my opinion, but I don't think we were appropriately prepared for the exam, by the homework.
4.   Grading is slow
5.   Sometimes the amount of points deducted from assignments seems too much. Also grading the homework assignments is slow.
7.   n/a
8.   Grading seems to be fair.
9.   The grading is fair. although a one-character typo in a string of >20 characters on d2l results in the answer being wrong despite the intention being obvious.

Other comments?

1.   No comment
2.   Nope
5.   Great pairing of the course with the professor. Maybe try out some of the homework suggestions and see how that goes.
7.   n/a
8.   Interesting class.
9.   Riely is a great instructor.