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Course:Object-Oriented Software Development

Quarter:Autumn 11/12
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Location: Distance Learning
James Riely PhD

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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

1.   He's very animated and keeps your attention well. He cares about the subject, and uses good examples that help you remain focused. He's also good at making the students laugh.
2.   the instructor is very knowledgeable, but very disorganized to present the ideas on the board
3.   Excellent at explaining concepts and keeping the lecture interesting
4.   Instructor is very competent with Java and OO programming concepts. Fails to establish effective minimum prerequisites for the course.
5.   none
6.   I personally found Professor Riely one of the more engaging and interesting instructors I've had. He knows the material in and out, he obviously wants to share this knowledge and he has fun.
7.   strength would be he can speak some real life experience related to the subject we're speaking. the weakness would be

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

1.   The course subject is perfect for what I need for work, Designing etc.
2.   Most of the course
3.   Programming assignments
4.   Lots of hand on programming
5.   none
6.   I learned a great deal about the material and feel this class gives me a solid foundation to take future software engineering classes.
7.   the final project was a very good exercise to implement the knowledge we got from the class

What do you suggest to improve this course?

2.   When he explains the idea on board, sometimes it is too fast and he does not finish to complete the whole structure of the solution. He expects we know about everything, even if we took pre-courses in programming.
4.   Someone should examine why so many students regularly fail this course. Inadequate requirements would be my guess. Classes listed as optional are perhaps required? Figure it out yourselves.
5.   none
6.   Can't think of anything.
7.   a better organized lecture notes

Comment on the grading procedures and exams

1.   Nice and quick, very appreciated
2.   The way that the course is balanced, too much work on home for few points at the end of the course. Two midterms, even these evaluate the knowledge, it can be not real at the moment of the test.
3.   Assignments were graded very quickly
4.   If the class is designed to accept students who are not properly prepared, is anything about the class fair?
5.   none
6.   Very good. All assignments and exams were graded very quickly, and I even received my graded mid-term back in the mail. This was a 1st for me at DePaul and thought it was terrific. The professor also provided solutions to the homework to see where we made mistakes and it helped make sure our mistakes did not keep compounding during the course.
7.   everything's great

Other comments?

2.   Sometimes I feel that instructor wants to knock out the entire course.
3.   A great course overall. The Google Group discussion forum is a good idea and I wish more courses used it.
4.   Why would DePaul continue to allow students to enroll in this class without more stringent screening or guidance? Profit? The problem seems systemic.I doubt I am the first to point this out.
5.   none
6.   I really enjoyed the class and Professor Riely. I would take other classes with him in an instant, and I do hope he's teaching other classes I need to take.