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Course:Computer Systems I

Quarter:Winter 10/11
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Location: Distance Learning
James Riely PhD

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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

1.   The major problem was his lecture style which was a little disorganized and sometimes involved reading off of powerpoint slides. The best part of his instruction was when he was walking through a program example
2.   I have no complaints with the instructor. I have been struggling significantly in this course, but it is not his fault.
3.   Awesome at explaining difficult materialVery engaging speakerNo weaknesses
4.   Skilled at clear explanations with a great deal of enthusiasm for the material.
5.   Strengths: Very knowledgeable, he teaches in a way that keeps you interested.Weaknesses: Can be a little sloppy with examples which makes them hard to follow. Should also brush up on C if you're going to explain concepts with C.
6.   He's truly enthusiastic and knows the subject very, very well. Sometimes he moves pretty quick, but as an OL student, I can't stop to ask a question. To make up for it though, Riely is incredibly easy to reach through email.
7.   He's truly enthusiastic and knows the subject very, very well. Sometimes he moves pretty quick, but as an OL student, I can't stop to ask a question. To make up for it though, Riely is incredibly easy to reach through email.
8.   Extremely enthusiastic. His passion for the subject is evident. He knows his stuff very well and always answers my emails and questions in a quick and complete manner.
9.   Was very strong in aswering questions inside and outside of class as well as helping with homework.
11.   Strengths: very personable, mixes in right amount of humor to keep class from being mundane yet not to the point of being distracting, very knowledgeable about the subject matterAreas for improvement: pace of lectures is too fast - especially during computer demonstrations. It would be a good idea to remember that the students are seeing the material for the first time (even when they come prepared having read the material) and thus are still getting used to the presented concepts. Although a fast pace may be needed in a class that covers a large amount of material, it wasn't the case in this class and it is often counter productive because the instructor ends up having to repeat a lot of the information that had been presented, because it was just too fast to keep up with.Also the computer demonstrations were very fast. Having seen the material many times before, the instructor was very familiar with it. However, when a student sees something for the first time, it takes time, just to find the correct area on the screen that the instructor is referring to, while the instructor's eyes, naturally go to that point. It would be beneficial for the instructor to try to put himself in the students' shoes and remember what it was like when he first learned the material.
12.   The instructor was very animated and passionate about the material.

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

1.   The learning of assembly language was great. The assignments to go along with it were really fun and rewarding
2.   I am a graduate student in the Game Development program, and this is a prerequisite. Because of my inability to complete the course requirements, I will be using my knowledge obtained here to pass that exam
3.   The labs - practical applications of what we were learningThe lectures - these were great for expanding my understanding of the basic operations of a computer. I'm a better programmer and person now.
4.   The labs were fun and engaging while supporting the learning material.
5.   Learning how C is translated to assembly and how seemingly little details can affect the performance (and security) of your code.
6.   A responsive, enthusiastic professor with challenging homework assignments and a solid book. The Google Groups we used to discuss aspects of the course was also VERY helpful. I approve!
7.   A responsive, enthusiastic professor with challenging homework assignments and a solid book. The Google Groups we used to discuss aspects of the course was also VERY helpful. I approve!
8.   The walk throughs of lab preparation during lecture were the most effective for me. The labs were certainly effective but as far as efficiency went, I could be stuck for hours on a lab accomplishing little but there was always a good pace when the professor walked us through.
9.   I'm not sure. I liked the book. I am not sure how the homework applies to the book and how those skills will be used later.
10.   The labs were fun, and challenging.
11.   The material was very interesting and very pertinent to my studies. I really enjoyed learning about it.
12.   The labs were interesting, but I wish there was a baby step between the problems in the textbook and the labs. It sometimes felt like it was missing a link.

What do you suggest to improve this course?

1.   More programming
2.   I Don't like the datalab, it was tedious and frustrating, I feel that the operations contained in the lab should be core material, rather than a homework assignment. I could not understand these processes until after they were explained in class. I suspect that there are many who would disagree with my assessment
3.   Nothing I think it's one of the best classes evar.
5.   I wouldn't change anything. The material is good and the labs are interesting/challenging to do (so far).
6.   Keep up the great work!
7.   Keep up the great work!
8.   I found the main text to be overwhelming. As a prerequisite student, I did not have the match background at all to grasp the subject.
9.   More/better preparation for the homework, especially the later stages. I was not sure of what I was doing or why at some stages.
10.   The labs were challenging and helpful. However for the time that was spent working on them I felt they should have been worth more of my grade.
11.   Instructor should come to class more preparedUse positive reinforcement to motivate students. Telling students that the material is extremely challenging and that they will fail the exam if they get behind is not very motivational and can have the opposite of the intended effect. Students become paralyzed with fear, may find the material harder than it is because that's what they were led to believe and are more likely to procrastinate because of the fear of failure instilled in them. A more motivating statement would be - students who do the assigned reading and the practice problem do extremely well in the class without stating the contrapositive.
12.   The textbook and its provided slides can be a little difficult to understand.

Comment on the grading procedures and exams

1.   the exams were difficult but graded fairly
2.   I don't believe there are any issues with the grading system of the course
3.   Seemed fair and expediently graded.
5.   No comments - except I'm a DL student and I was supposed to get my exam mailed and I still haven't gotten it (been about 3 weeks now).
6.   Seems fair enough so far.
7.   Seems fair enough so far.
8.   The exam I have taken thusfar was fair. The grading system is fair.
11.   Very fair
12.   Everything seemed to be graded fairly.

Other comments?

1.   the first half of the class was completely a mystery to me - I never understood a word the professor said in class.
2.   This class was very difficult, it was extremely foolish of me to try and learn this online. I feel that I would have performed significantly better had I attended the class in person (to his credit, the instructor indicated that would have permitted this). but, due to unrelated personal difficulties, I fell behind. I am thankful to have the course materials, however, as Professor Riely is an excellent instructor and his lectures will be the basis of my study when taking the GAE in future months
3.   Dude give this prof a raise asap.
4.   The best course i've had at DePaul thus far. Very well taught. I had a blast in this class and always looked forward to doing my work. Excellent job!
6.   Riely is da' best!
7.   Riely is a rock star!
9.   I don't know about the totally open email list. I was afraid of asking questions sometimes because I didn't want to look like a doofus and a reply would include all students.I'm not sure of the application of the homework in my later classes. How will all of this be used?
12.   I really enjoyed Dr. Reily.