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Course:Compiler Design

Quarter:Winter 09/10
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Location: Distance Learning
James Riely PhD

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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

1.   Strenghts: One of the best teachers I"ve had at DePaul
2.   Strengths: good communication skills, high energy kept me interested most of the time.
3.   The instructor is excellent at answering questions in class as well as on the webpage and brings a high level of energy to the class. The only negative aspects would relate to the lateness of assinging grades/comments to early homework because each assignment built on a previous one.
4.   Prof. Riely was completely unable to actually teach anything. I felt the course was completely unorganized and the homework was completely unguided. Much of the book noted that the framework we used was created contradictory to standards and practices.
5.   Strengths -- very knowledgeable; assignments were excellent teaching tools, really got a lot out of doing them; great online availability for instructor. Weaknesses -- homeworks not graded in reasonable time, so no ongoing feedback; one or 2 of the lectures seemed disorganized/ill-prepared.
7.   Prof. Riely appears to be passionate about the subject material taught in this class, and his enthusiasm was clearly evident. He also appeared to make himself available outside of class more than any other instructor I've seen at DePaul.
8.   I have had this instructor in a previous course and really enjoyed him. He has a very casual method to teaching which I find enjoyable.Unfortunately, in this course I was disappointed with the amount of instruction that was provided with respect to homework assignments. I felt they were not well explained and left too much to interpretation and discovery of objectives through trial and error.

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

1.   Learning about the different parts of the compiling process
3.   Working with assembly was helpful.
4.   Exposure to compilers.
5.   assignments, group list, and info. presented in lecture
7.   I did find the material taught in this class to be interesting and I feel it did enhance my understanding of programming languages.I would have to say this was a worth while class to take.

What do you suggest to improve this course?

1.   N/A
2.   Allow distance students to participate in real time with class.
3.   More assemebly.
4.   Change the teacher to someone who is more structured and put together.
5.   better documentation of some of the assignments; posting more info online for dl students (e.g., some assigments were made in class but not posted anywhere or posted 3 days later, a real disadvantage to a dl student who may not have an opportunity to view the lecture immediately or may miss a detail given that transmission is just not the same as sitting in the actual classroom.
6.   Please consider making course objectives and assignments more clear.
7.   Grade assignments in a timely manor! Otherwise, I thought Prof Riely did a good job of teaching this course.

Comment on the grading procedures and exams

2.   The fact that the course relied on homework and projects as opposed to exams was accommodating to my schedule since I am not in the Chicago area and have had difficulty finding a reliable proctor. The homeworks were graded somewhat slowly. It would have been nice to have a more timely feedback loop so I knew better how I was progressing.
3.   Grading was slow (but fair) and would not have been a problem if the assignments where independent.
4.   Fair and impartial.
5.   seemed fair, would have appreciated feedback within 2 weeks of submitting assignments, especially in a class where each assignment built on the previous one.
7.   It took too long for homework to be graded. No reasonable excuse was given for the long delay in obtaing homework grades. Considering the huge amount of money we are paying for these courses, we should expect to receive graded homework within a reasonable amount of time.
8.   Grading ran a little behind.

Other comments?

5.   less dl friendly than other courses I've taken.Great discussions on the group list.
8.   Despite my issues with the homework assignments, I would take another course from this instructor.