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Course:Object-Oriented Software Development

Quarter:Autumn 02/03
Time: M 17:45 - 21:00
Location: Loop Campus
James Riely PhD

Associate Professor
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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

1.   Keeps the students actively listening, which is difficult to do in an evening course sometimes.
3.   Strength: The instructor is very knowledgable in the subjects. The assignment is very help in understanding the use of Java language.Weakness: The online version of the course is not very clear in terms of white board writing. And the text book should include more materials.
4.   James is very well organized, which helps us students structure our own education. He also presented a lot of useful supplemental materials. James' one weakness is that he's somewhat condescending to his students when they ask for help. While very responsive, he often glossed over my questions and I usually only got half the answer I was looking for. This left me feeling incredibly stupid because I felt I had to follow up every one of his responses with another question.
5.   pretty hyperactive, fun and fast.
6.   Dr. Riely is a very good instructor, and is very entertaining, too boot! He really challenges us and makes us work. No handing us anything on a silver platter. The only weakness I can think of is that sometimes if he doesn't cover something in class we are kind of left on our own (but if we ask questions he is more than happy to answer them in the forum).
7.   He uses good examples so that we can understand easliy
8.   The major strength of the instructor in this course was his energy which adds quite a bit to student interest. The major weekness of the instructor was that he frequently digressed from the topic at hand. While this is not neccessarily a bad thing, frequently in my experience, it meant that we were not able to spend as much time studying the design patterns which are major topics of this course.
10.   Can not explain the content fully and clearly.
12.   Very excellent descriptions of the inner workings of Java. I've been a Java programmer for 2 years, and I definitely have a clearer understanding of the language and how to use it more effectively.
13.   lectures seem to be off the cuff. Not sure if that's good or bad. :)
14.   As with most CS professors, when it comes to writing test questions the language should be much more direct. It always gets fuzzy when you think you understand a concept enough to adequately answer a question, but get it wrong because it wasn't 'what I wanted to hear'. In fairness, if you brought a discrepancy to Dr. Riely and could argue your case well enough, he listened. Otherwise, James is great - this is the 2nd class I've had with him, and I recommend him to anyone attending DePaul.

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

1.   Practice programming. The homework examples kept my skills up where they needed to be to accomplish the project on time.
3.   The aspect of dynamic dispatching in Java. The use of pattern, the organization in software ngineering.
4.   The book. It was great. It really got me feeling like I knew the material.
5.   practice coding.
6.   The project helped me use the course material and really get a sense for what design is all about.
7.   TO know design patterns
8.   Studying Java design patterns. Use of Ant and JUnit.
11.   The final project is amazing - I am learning patterns as they evolve into my code as the most straightforward solution to problems I've encountered or messes I've written. Also, I am understanding how some of the programming philosophies & strategies evolved.
12.   Clear explanations of design patterns and the final project. Good code examples to support the design patterns.
13.   design patterns was very valuable.
14.   The large-scale project. It really felt like I was doing something that would apply in the real world.

What do you suggest to improve this course?

1.   Spend more time explaining the different types of patterns and examples of how they are used.
3.   None
5.   a more straight forward and to the point explanation.
6.   Maybe do less Java-specific stuff and more on design. REALLY assume people know how to use Java, or can use the API's to figure out what they don't know (or ask fellow students in the forum).
7.   It's better not to use GUI to explain.
9.   Post notes earlier!!!
11.   I would have preferred a week's extra notice of the first project-related assignment... I found that putting together the proposal, coming up with a skeletal design, and submitting code was a lot for one week.
12.   I wasn't thrilled about the text, I would have preferred the GOF book.
13.   Maybe make lecture notes available ahead of lecture time.
14.   No suggestions.

Comment on the grading procedures and exams

3.   Fair
4.   Fair. Could have been a little more timely and been more responsive so that we could learn from our assignments.
6.   Grading was extremely fair.
7.   Good
12.   all good.
13.   very fair.
14.   Just fine. See above

Other comments?

2.   SE450 is one of the most critical courses in CTI. It is doubtless that the insturctor has great knowledge. However, he didn't spend enough time to prepare and organize the class. I should not say that, but I believe it is true.
3.   None
4.   I think I struggled with the office hours being when they were. Our class was on Monday and the office hours were right before. Well, if you wanted to ask about your homework in person, right before is too late. The other hour was the very next day. That's too soon after the class to really utilize. I found that I often wanted to go to some form of office hours, but it was too difficult. Unfortunately, my work schedule is such that I need the flexibility of office hours... show up any time during the hour.
6.   Very good class, very good instructor. I hope to take other classes from Dr. Riely.
11.   Great class!
12.   I hope to take more classes from this professor.
13.   Not sure yet if the instructor provides good enough preparation for core exam, but always encourages students to ask questions.
14.   Dr. Riely is great. And I say this even though I'm sure I'll be getting a B. The grading curve is steep - there are students getting 100 percent back on their mid-terms. The instructor must think his tests are too easy. A full-time working father like myself is glad to grab the 80s - so tell him not to worry, it's all very challenging.