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Course:Concepts of Programming Languages

Quarter:Spring 01/02
Time: Tu 17:45 - 21:00
Location: Loop Campus
James Riely PhD

Associate Professor
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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

1.   Somewhat disorganized. However, Riely is quite engaging and overall, one of your better instructors.
2.   enthusiasm, organization, homework doesn't come from left field!
4.   The instructor is good
5.   Professor Riely is an extremely effective communicator. I felt I benefited more from this course than most others I've taken at DePaul, based soley on his ability to relate the concepts of the material.
6.   Excellent presentation!
7.   The major strength of the instructor is that he's very excited about the subject matter. It made the subject sometimes more interesting than it really was. The weakness was that his e-mail responses sometimes did not contain enough information so his answer to your question left room for even more questions.
8.   He is very didactic, and fun to listen to.
9.   Did not explain all the materials in detail. He went through the subjects very fast. Not enough examples and explanations.
10.   Good on explaining stuff for students. Teaches computer in 'English'. -- However, I think lecture notes should be available at least about a day or two before class so students can read things in advance.
11.   seemed very unorganized.
12.   none
13.   Very unorganized, biased, has lack of seriousness.
14.   Great instructor, very knowledgeable and makes class interesting
15.   very articulate.kind of gets side tracked sometimes and rambles

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

1.   As a course involving the meta-language aspects of computer science, it's important material to master.
2.   frequently encountered "classifications" of programing languages and such that seem to be well established but I had never heard of (or only in passing).
4.   Good concepts
5.   Just about all the concepts we've studied have been beneficial - as the instructor was able to relate the material in context with its usage. I never felt I was learning something abstract, just because it was on a list of 'what CS students ought to know' - it really helped define a fresh way of thinking about programming.
7.   It's important to know why things are the way they are. This course gave you an insight on some key factors in decision making and that's a good thing.
8.   It clarified for me , the different tyoe of languages there are and how are they implemented.
10.   Understand how things really work.
12.   none
15.   learning basics of binding and scoping

What do you suggest to improve this course?

1.   More emphasis on functional languages that are actually used, like LISP, rather than ML.
2.   have the class notes ready for enough time to print them up (the people who can do it at the last moment have a much easier time taking notes). Sometimes the lectures go to fast and sometimes the notes need more detail or, if there's space left for the answer to be provided in class, be sure the answer is provided so we can write it in to review later. But these are quibbles!
4.   Real life , and up to date technologies
5.   Nothing much - it's been very well organized and delivered.
7.   The course on-line was helpful, but it would be more helpful if we could read what was written on the white-board and if we could actually see the instructor when he was refering to "this" on the screen.
9.   More detailed explanation. Better books. Notes were not available for us to review before class. Anything that was available for us was not up to date.
10.   Everything's great. I am happy with it.
11.   have up-to-date lecture slides available well before class, and follow them during class. try to limit mistakes while writing on the board. constant mistakes cause confusion and frustration
12.   none
14.   I think I spent too much time doing homework-- shouldn't take more than 3-4 hours a week
15.   less focus on grammers, more OO

Comment on the grading procedures and exams

1.   Grades on assignments are returned a bit slowly. Considering the fact that there are 40 students shelling out close to 2000 a pop, I would think at least 2 graders could be justified.
2.   There might be a problem if we didn't have a chance to go over the answers later, but we did! Maybe faster turnaround, but I know how it is...
3.   we e-mail the homework and get the grade by e-mail, we know how many points we lost for each problem, but do not know how we did them wrong.
4.   Tough and difficult exams
5.   Very fair - seems to take into account the meaning of answers, and that they point to understanding of the concepts, rather than specific semantics of a response.
7.   Very fair.
8.   They were fair amd impartial
12.   none
14.   very fair
15.   ok

Other comments?

2.   Overall a very well done class made a pleasant as possible for a crowded room on a Tuesday night in the semi-empty downtown!
5.   Meaningful topics, effective communicator - and he actually created a enjoyable class atmosphere. I'm happy to see that he's teaching other classes that I will need to take - I will surely seek to take him again.
6.   This is one of the best profs in DePaul CTI.
7.   Enjoyed the instructor very much.
12.   none
15.   no