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Overview: What is semantics? [1/21]
Overview: Why study semantics? [2/21]
Overview: Questions This Course Could Help Answer [3/21]
Overview: What you'll get out of the course [4/21]
Overview: Syllabus [5/21]
Overview: What this course is not [6/21]
Administrivia: Prerequisites [7/21]
Administrivia: Course websites [8/21]
Administrivia: Piazza [9/21]
Administrivia: Contact Information [10/21]
Administrivia: Assessment [11/21]
Administrivia: Attendance [12/21]
Administrivia: Expectations [13/21]
Administrivia: Textbooks [14/21]
Coq: What is a Proof? [15/21]
Coq: What is a Proof Assistant? [16/21]
Coq: Some Proof Assistants [17/21]
Coq: The Coq Proof Assistant [18/21]
Coq: Why Use Coq in This Course [19/21]
Coq: How to get Coq [20/21]
Coq: Using ProofGeneral [21/21]

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