CSC535: Semantics of Programming Languages (Fall AY12/13)
James Riely

2012/09/03 16:50
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Certified Programming with Dependent Types

Lecture Materials
1. Numbers, lists, basic proofs [09/05]
Administrative Information
Preface: (html)
Basics: (html) (coq) (homework)
Lists: (html) (coq) (homework)
2. Polymorphism, functions as data [09/12]
Poly: (coq) (html) (homework)
3. Propositions and evidence [09/19]
Gen: (coq) (html)
Prop: (coq) (html) (homework)
4. Logic in Coq [09/26]
Logic: (coq) (html) (homework)
5. Imperative programs [10/03]
Imp: (coq) (html) (homework)
SfLib: (coq)
ImpParser: (coq) (html)
ImpCEvalFun: (coq) (html)
6. Program equivalence [10/10]
Equiv: (coq) (html) (homework)
7. Hoare logic [10/17]
Hoare: (coq) (html) (homework)
HoareList: (coq) (html)
HoareAsLogic: (coq) (html)
8. Small step semantics [10/24]
Rel: (coq) (html)
Smallstep: (coq) (html) (homework)
9. Types [10/31]
Types: (coq) (html) (homework)
10. Simply typed lambda calculus [11/07]
Stlc: (coq) (html) (homework)
11. Take-home final due [11/14]
Contact Hours
Class Hours: Wed 5:45pm-9:00pm in CDM 222 [Section 701]
Online, Anytime [Section 710]
Office Hours: Wed 1:00-2:00pm in CDM 846

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