CSC360: User Interface Architecture and Development (Winter AY15/16)
James Riely

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Lecture Materials
1. Introduction: HTML, CSS, and Javascript [03/29-31]

Slides from class: file:class-01

2. Angular2 and Typescript basics [04/05-07]

Slides from class: file:class-02

3. Angular2 and widget libraries [04/12-14]

Slides from class: file:class-03

4. UX [04/19-21]

Slides from class: file:class-04

Guest lecture: file:usability

5. API calls, Forms and validation [04/26-28]

Guest lecture: file:ractive-web2py

6. Streams [05/03-05]

Slides from class: file:class-06

7. Data visualization [05/10-12]

Slides from class: file:class-07

8. Test frameworks [05/17-19]
9. Screen scrapers and other tricks [05/24-26]
10. Project Presentations [05/31-02]
11. No Final Exam [06/07-09]
Contact Hours
Class Hours: Tue/Thu 1:30pm-3:00pm in CDM 226 [Section 601]
Office Hours: Tue 3:00pm-5:00pm in CDM 845