Evaluation Comments

Term: Winter 2020-2021
Course: CSC 447 801
Course Name: Concepts of Programming Languages

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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

  • The instructor is great, very clear and is able to convey ideas and assist students very easily
  • Is very good at explaining complex topics in a way that many leaner types can understand.
  • Strengths: Ability to explain the concepts/problems step by step and if required uses layman language. I think that's prof. strong point.
  • Professor Riely is very fluent and experience in teaching this course. I didn't spot any immediate weakness from the instructor, but I really wish could fill the lectures with more details and examples.
  • The instructor is very caring, very knowledgeable and very helpful.

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

  • Very useful course for fundamentals
  • The worksheets
  • The lectures being on YouTube. It's a much better platform than D2L.
  • The Discord guidance was truly beneficial
  • Being exposed to functional programming & learning scala as a programming language.
  • Every aspects of this course were very beneficial to me. This class helped understand how C programming language work. I learned a lot of new materials from this class even though I didn't give enough study time in this course.

What suggestions do you have that could help improve the course?

  • The course has been laid out perfectly well!
  • More training for the concepts can be helpful. More problem sets and practice exams builds better understanding of the content. Besides, the average of the mid-term in this course is very low, but the exam makes up a huge part of the total grades (The final is even higher than the mid-term).
  • This is well taught and I have no suggestion to do.

Do you have comments on the grading procedures and exams?

  • Grading was done perfectly alright.
  • Homework graders can grade assignments slightly earlier.
  • His grading is good.

Other comments?

  • Thank you, Prof. Riely, for teaching us the PL concepts well and in detail. The lecture videos were up to the point.
  • The lecture of this class is a bit hanging on the high-level sometimes. Getting into more details can be extraordinarily beneficial.
  • I like the way he teaches this class and he is very helpful.