Evaluation Comments

Term: Fall 2020-2021
Course: CSC 300 403
Course Name: Data Structures I

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What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?

  • The instructor went over topics and provided multiple examples. A weakness of the instructor could be the lack of additional practice work/practice quizes.
  • He definitely understands the course material well. For classes later in the quarter, he spends class time only to answer questions, and I can't tell whether he expects us to learn the material in his lectures and assignments on our own, or not.
  • I dont think there were any good weaknesses, other then some flaws in the lectures Professor Reily is very approachable and helpful regarding the coursework

What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

  • Assignments and class sessions in which we reviewed assignments.
  • This course is a spectacular introduction to data structures as a whole.
  • The homeworks were key to understanding and making sense of the lectures.
  • I found that the videos were the most beneficial part as the instructor would take time to break down everything that we needed to know in order to complete assignments.
  • Learning new data structures that I can apply in my own practice.
  • The homework, and being able to go over our quizzes

What suggestions do you have that could help improve the course?

  • I have none.
  • I found the homeworks to be incredibly helpful, but if there were additional practice assignments to help reinforce certain topics, it would have been a great help.
  • None.
  • He needs to stress the idea that you get better at programming with practice.
  • Being able to retake quizzes after understanding it much better would be helpful I think

Do you have comments on the grading procedures and exams?

  • No
  • Being able to retake quizzes later would be helpful.

Other comments?

  • no