CSC301: Data Structures II (Winter 2017/2018)
James Riely

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Lecture Materials
1.  Trees, iteration and recursion (3.2) [01/03-08]
2.  Binary Search Trees (3.2) [01/10-15]
3.  Symbol Tables (3.1, 3.5) [01/17-22]
4.  Balanced Search Trees (3.3) [01/24-29]
5.  Hash Tables (3.4) [01/31-05]
6.  Midterm [02/07-12]
7.  Undirected Graphs (4.1) [02/14-19]
8.  Directed Graphs (4.2) [02/21-26]
9.  String sorts (5.1) and Tries (5.2) [02/28-05]
10.  Data Compression (5.5) [03/07-12]
11.  Final exam [03/16]
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Class Hours: Mon/Wed 3:10pm-4:40pm in CDM 226 [Section 502]
Online, Anytime [Section 410]
Office Hours: Mon/Wed 1:30pm-3:00pm in CDM 845