SE450: Object-Oriented Software Development (Fall AY1516)
James Riely

2015/08/28 16:50
Final project note are here: file:notes-final-project
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Installing Eclipse and Related Tools
Final Project Requirements
Horstmann Chapter 1
Horstmann Chapter 2
Horstmann Chapter 3
Horstmann Chapter 4
Horstmann Chapter 5
Horstmann Chapter 6
Horstmann Chapter 7
Horstmann Chapter 1
Horstmann Chapter 9
Horstmann Chapter 10
Lecture Materials
Notes HW
1. Basics [09/15]

Read Horstman Chapter 1 (particularly 1.5, 1.8, 1.11, 1.13 and 1.14)

Read Horstman 2.1-2.5 and 2.8

Read Horstman 3.7

Read items 7, 8, 9 and 11 from Joshua Bloch's Effective Java.

Skim the humorous essays: Cup Size and Pass-by-Value Please.

Skim the Java Tutorials on Exceptions and Collections.

Look at this website devoted to eclipse tutorials

Print out and skim Allen Holub's notes on the UML.

Skim Lars Vogel's notes on JUnit.

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2. Objects as Functions [09/22]

Read Horstman 1.7, 2.9, 2.11, 3.6, 4.1-4.4

Read about Patterns: Stategy Pattern, Command Pattern.

Read this article on comparators: Making Java Objects Comparable.

available available available
3. Architectural Patterns [09/29]

Read Horstman 3.1-3.5 (particularly 3.5) and 4.5

Read Professionalism and Test-Driven Development, by Robert C. Martin. (The book length version is Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#

Read Getting in Touch with your Inner Class, from JavaRanch.

available available available
4. Structural Patterns [10/06]

Read the first twenty pages of Principles and Patterns.

Look over chapter 3 of Head First Design Patterns.

Read these notes on Composite.

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5. Observer/Visualizing a Simulation [10/13]

Read Observer Pattern.

available available not available
6. Midterm [10/20]
not available not available not available
7. Simulation, Null Objects, Proxies [10/27]

Read Proxy and Decorator Pattern.

Possible guest speaker.

available available not available
8. Object Creation [11/03]

Read Object Initialization

Read Chapter 5 of Bloch

Read about singleton, factory method, abstract factory, and flyweight patterns.

available available not available
9. Subclassing and Template Method [11/10]
Read about subclassing and template method.
available available not available
10. Iterator and Visitor [11/17]
Read Iterator and Visitor Pattern
available available not available
11. Final Exam [11/24]
not available not available not available
Contact Hours
Class Hours: Tue 5:45pm-9:00pm in Lewis 1511 [Section 702]
Online, Anytime [Section 711]
Office Hours: Tue/Thu 11:40pm-12:55pm in CDM 845

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