CSC373/406: Computer Systems I (Spring 2011/2012)
James Riely

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(My Bomb Lab Notes)

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Gnu Assembler Manual

(See the x86 features)

Intel opcode table for IA32

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x86-64 Machine-Level Programming

This document supplements Chapter 3 of the textbook.

x86-64 Application Binary Interface (ABI)

Specifies the rules for compilers and linkers.

Intel software optimization manual

Descriptions of all Intel architectures (incl. x86-64 and IA32). Latencies and throughputs of assembly instructions.

Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit

A nice article from 1996. Also available as a PDF.

ELF Format

The Linux Kernel

Lecture Materials
1. Binary Representations; Logic [03/27-29]

Skim CS:APP 1 (ie, chapter 1 of the textbook Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective)

Skim Hoover 1 (ie, chapter 1 of the textbook System Programming with C and Unix)

Read CS:APP 2.1

Read Tutorial One:

Skim this C reference:

Slides from class: file:class-01 file:s01-1.pptx file:02-1.ppt

2. Integer Representations [04/03-05]

Read CS:APP 2.1-2.2

Read Hoover 2

Slides: file:class-02 file:02-2.ppt

3. Integer Arithmetic; Floating Point [04/10-12]

Read CS:APP 2.3-2.4

Slides: file:class-03 file:s02-3.pptx

4. Assembly I (Pointers; Arithmetic) [04/17-19]

Read CS:APP 3.1-3.5

Read Hoover 3-4

Read about C pointers:

Slides: file:03-1.ppt

More slides on C: file:class-02

5. Midterm Exam; Assembly II (GDB) [04/24-26]

My gdb Notes My Bomb Lab Notes

6. Assembly III (Control; Procedures) [05/01-03]

Read CS:APP 3.6-3.7

Slides: file:03-2.ppt file:03-3.ppt

7. Assembly IV (Structured Data) [05/08-10]

Read CS:APP 3.8-3.13 file:03-4.ppt file:03-5.ppt

How do buffer overflow attacks work?

8. TBD [05/15-17]
9. TBD [05/22-24]
10. Memory Hierarchy [05/29-31]

Read CS:APP 6

Slides: file:s06-1.pptx file:s06-2.pptx

Memory System Performance Characterization with ECT memperf - Extended Copy Transfer Characterization

Intel's Sandy Bridge Microarchitecture (By: David Kanter)

11. Final Exam [06/07]

Final exam is held Thursday, June 7, 2012 11:45am-2:00pm

Contact Hours
Class Hours: Tue/Thu 1:30-3:00pm in CDM 220 [Section 601]
Online, Anytime [Section 610]
Office Hours: Tue/Thu 3:00pm-4:00pm in CDM 846

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