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Are You In The Right Room? [1/47]
Overview of Today's Class [2/47]
Admin: Contact Information [3/47]
Admin: Course Overview [4/47]
Admin: Course Objectives [5/47]
Admin: Why is programming fun? [6/47]
Admin: The curriculum [7/47]
Admin: Prerequisites [8/47]
Admin: Policies [9/47]
Admin: Discussion Forum [10/47]
Admin: Assessment [11/47]
Admin: Course Homepage [12/47]
Admin: Textbooks [13/47]
Admin: Expectations [14/47]
Admin: Homework [15/47]
Admin: Install Java [16/47]
Admin: Install Eclipse [17/47]
Admin: Install Graphviz [18/47]
Admin: Install code for this class [19/47]
Admin: Disable some warnings [20/47]
Admin: Downloading homework [21/47]
Admin: Uploading homework [22/47]
Admin: Installation problems? [23/47]
Admin: What to do if you get errors on the format function [24/47]
Admin: What to do you have lots of red marks in Eclipse [25/47]
Admin: How to add a JRE [26/47]
Admin: What to do if you cannot see package explorer in Eclipse [27/47]
Admin: Run problems? [28/47]
Admin: Useful stuff in eclipse [29/47]
Admin: How to talk about code via email [30/47]
Admin: About the code from the textbook [31/47]
Python to Java: Main [32/47]
Python to Java: Import [33/47]
Python to Java: Fully qualified class names [34/47]
Python to Java: Variable declarations [35/47]
Python to Java: Types [36/47]
Python to Java: Syntax [37/47]
Python to Java: Function declarations [38/47]
Python to Java: Lists/Arrays [39/47]
Python to Java: Scope [40/47]
Python to Java: Eclipse basics [41/47]
Python to Java: Disassemblers and decompilers [42/47]
Python to Java: Trace basics [43/47]
Python to Java: XFixedCapacityStackOfStrings [44/47]
Python to Java: XFixedCapacityStackOfStrings2 [45/47]
Python to Java: XFixedCapacityStack [46/47]
Python to Java: XFixedCapacityIterableStack [47/47]

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