SE 550: Homework

Deadline: 5.30pm, Tuesday 24 Feburary 2004.


This week's homework is using RMI for a client/server system.

You should download the source archive, and compile a simple Date application:

  javac ajeffrey/teaching/date/*.java

Currently this program is a stand-alone application You should rewrite it as an RMI client/server application, where the Model and View objects exist at the client side, but the DateFactory object exists at the server side. When the client presses the "Connect" button, an RMI connection should be established to a server running an RMI registry where a DateFactory object is registered, under the name "dateFactory". Subsequent presses of the "Refresh" button should show the date according to the server's clock, not the client's clock.

You will also need to write a matching DateServer class, which registers a DateFactory object with the RMI registry:


// import statements go here.

class DateServer {
  public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception {
    // code which registers a DateFactory object with an RMI registry goes here.

You should compile and test your client and server to make sure they work, then submit a zip archive with your java files using Courses OnLine.