SE 547
Foundations of Computer Security

This course provides an overview of foundational techniques in the specification and verification of computer systems in the presence of malicious attackers. Topics may include: formal models of interaction, attacker models, robust safety properties such as confidentiality and authenticity, information flow properties such as noninterference, and tools such as model checkers, type checkers and theorem provers.

This course is based on a series of research papers, rather than a text book. The papers will be available for download from the course web site.

Thursdays, 5.45-9pm. Lewis 1508. Start date: Thursday 8 January 2004.

Midterm exam: 12 February 2004. Final exam: 18 March 2004.

Note: Class is now over!
I'm away the week 22-26 March, grades will be posted during the week starting 29 March.

Alan Jeffrey
Foundations of Programming Languages Research Group
School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems
DePaul University