CSC 548: Homework 1

Deadline: 5.30pm, Thursday April 8 2004.


1. Make sure you can log on to Courses OnLine.

2. Download and install AspectJ 1.0.6, ncluding the AspectJ Ant tasks and documentation.

3. Download the compiler archive for this course, and make sure you can compile and run the compiler:

  cd compiler or wherever you unpacked the files to!
  ant test

4. Currently the compiler fails its tests for the template code generator, for example:

      [ajc] Compiling 24 source and 0 arg files to compiler/build

    [junit] TEST hobbes.pretty.PrettyTest FAILED

This reads in the test files in test/ok and test/fail, parses the program, pretty prints it, and then parses the result. The tests are failing because the pretty printer is not finished.

Load up the file hobbes/pretty/ into your favourite editor, and start editing!

Any edits you make should be clearly marked, for example by comments such as:

  // Edited by Jane Doe
  // ...short description of edit goes here...
  ...modified code goes here...
  // End of edit

5. Submit your modified file to the Courses OnLine system.


Appel, Chapter 5 (Semantic Analysis).